We Are Not They

by Bottom Bracket

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Our debut EP. Can you get down with our get up?


released August 15, 2014

All music by Bottom Bracket
Lyrics by M.A. Beseda and Ed Tunna
Produced by Jim Koenig
Artwork by Brian D'Agosta at Gostworks



all rights reserved


Bottom Bracket Denver, Colorado

Fast. Loud. Punk.

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Track Name: Explode
I'm a hand grenade with no pin
I'm a moltov cocktail next to a flame
I'm a roman candle lit at both ends
I'm the dynamite next to your skin

I am ready to explode
Track Name: Dead Abby
What am I supposed to do when I think my wife is cheating?
How do I know to be a nice human being?
What do I do when the neighbor kids won't leave?
Everyone is always making fun of me

What do I do when I think my in-laws suck?
Or my boss ripped me off for a buck
What do I do about my P.T.S.D.?
This priest keeps molesting me

I’m unhappy at work or happy but I’m missing exercise or hobbies or time with my kids. My parents are sick or dyeing or not sick but their minds are going. At least they are driving me crazy. If not my parents, my spouse, my friends, my children. I feel disconnected from the ones I love, listless, uninspired, I never follow my passions, I know I would be happier if I ate right meditated, called my mother but I don’t. Sincerely, Confused In Colorado

Dear Abby is dead
That's what the paper said
Dear Abby is dead
that's what I read
Track Name: Passive Aggressive Suicide
I turn the stove on when I go to sleep
I've been drinking 8 days a week
I hang my tie up before I take it off
I run the car when I work in the garage

I've been shaving with a rusty blade
hoping my jugular gets in the way
put the space heater underneath the drapes
drinking bleach just to get away

Take my bath radio plugged in
Keeping my liver soaked in gin
Don't wake me from my hibernation
I'm waiving off ressusitation

Standing on this bridge looking over the ledge
Not trying to jump over the edge
Praying for a steady breeze
to put me out of my misery

I'm so tired of living
It's too much work to die
Kill my self one sip at a time
I'm so tired of living
It's too much work to die
Passive Aggressive
Track Name: The George Orwell
Just one look through prisms eyes
You will see what I despise
Freedom lost, liberty denied

Silent, Pilotless, Armed, Above
Secret Jury, Secret Judge, Secret Verdict, Secret Blood

You can count me in zeros and ones
You will see what I have become
Come on kids lets have some fun

I am the terrorist
I brought the bomb
You can hear me coming
I will sound the alarm
Track Name: Shitfit
Somethings wrong with my head
Do what I said, before I throw a shitfit
Now that your down on your knees
Do as I please, before I throw a shitfit

Somethings wrong with my mind
I am one of a kind, when I throw a shitfit
when are you ever going to learn
You're gonna burn, when I throw a shitfit